The PVC Windows EVOLUTION SERIES is an elegant, high performance window system designed to enhance the appearance and energy efficiency of any Winnipeg home for years to come. Using the highest quality PVC resins and state-of-the-art extrusion technology on all our PVC windows. Acrylon Plastics manufactures high-impact resistant profiles with a distinctive gloss finish specially designed to resist damage from duct and harmful UV rays.Visit our Winnipeg PVC windows showroom for more information or request a free online quote.

Durable PVC Windows for Your Winnipeg Home

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PVC Windows

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All PVC windows components of the EVOLUTION SERIES are protected by the Acrylon Plastics exclusive warranty.

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The EVOLUTION SERIES window system manufactures a variety of profiles.

When reviewing the installation method that works best for you, consideration should be given to the placement of the window in relation to the interior plane of the wall. Surface temperatures of the glass or frame can be affected by the location of the window. Setting the unit towards the inside allows the room heat to increase the inside surface temperature of the glass and protect the exterior of the unit from the outside elements. This allows for optimum thermal performance and reduces the risk of condensation.
Triple Seal Protection
Our PVC Windows come with Durable, High Quality synthetic rubber gaskets engineered to retain their flexibility even in the harshest North American climates guarantee the PVC Windows EVOLUTION SERIES triple seal protection. Co-extruded as integral components of the window frame, these gaskets will not strech or shrink, yet are completely replaceable in the event of accidental damage.

Casement Awning Frame

Renovation Brickmould

1-1/2" Brickmould

* Compact and economical
* 3-1/4" frame (GP327)
* Structural construction for
larger viewing area
* Integrated nailing fin
* Built-in 1/2" Drywall Return
* Ideal for new construction or retrofit when "both" quality and economy are priorities

* 2 piece brickmould allows for easy installation
* Snap in cover strip allows for a clean aesthetically pleasing finish
* Brickmould is available in a variety of colours
* Best for application where existing siding or stucco is not being replaced

* Favoured in Construction
* Adds dimension to the finished look of the window
* Complete with nailing fin for easy installation
* Optional built in "J" channel for siding or stucco application
Designed with Ease of Operation and Security in Mind
Every Winnipeg home is unique. That's why EVOLUTION SERIES window systems are engineered to accept a wide range of hardware including single and dual arm operators and the most advanced multi-point locking systems.The profiles offer the flexibility of double and triple pane glass. The choice is yours!
dual arm operators and multi-point locking systems
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